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FAQ South Africa Meet & Greet

This Airport FAQ South Africa Meet & Assist explains how you will be welcomed, escorted and assisted throughthe airport. Our VIP meet and assist service ensures a seamless, stylish, luxurious and effortless arrival, connection or departure, even when the unexpected happens.

What are the main benefits of South Africa Airport Meet and Assist?

1. Fewer lines, less mixing with other travellers
2. Special short cuts, lanes, add-ons and facilities
3. A faster and easier airport experience, door to door
4. A personal assistant to guide you through stange airports
5. Help with language, local procedures & unexpected problems

What is included in a South Africa Airport Meet Assist service?

Arrival Services: you will be met near the air-bridge; escorted to and through quarantine, visa on arrival, security and immigration. Expert local airport staff will help collect your bags, escort you through customs checks and take you direct to your driver or welcome party.

Departure Services: you will be met near the entrance of the terminal building; and escorted to and assisted through security, check in, customs and immigration. You will be taken to your airline or member lounge, or direct to the flight’s boarding gate area.

Connection Services: you will be met near the air-bridge, escorted to and through any visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, check in, or customs proecudres. You will be taken to your airline or member lounge, or direct to the flight’s boarding gate

What is a Fast-track in South Africa?

Fast-tracking saves time and hassle and makes the passage through an otherwise busy or difficult airport both fast and easy. A successful Fast-tracked airport service is one where you did not have to queue in line, and/or the time it took to pass through the airport was reduced. Fast-tracking is achieved differently in each airport. In South Africa airports a VIP area, special fast track lines are used at Immigration

How do you give these sorts of services?

We have long term contractual partnerships built over many years with dozens of local, in-airport based businesses. They have the trained staff, secutiy passes, airport approvals and operational knowlegde to provide special executive, fast track & VVIP Meet and Greet Airport Assistance.

Are your services legitimate and legal?

Yes.  Absolutely. We only used licensed South African companies, agents and staff who have the necessary airport security clearances, approvals and passes to work in secure non-public areas and provide the services that have been booked. All our services are pre-ordered and pre-arranged with airport departments (which is why we often need passenger passport data).

Is a baggage porter, lounge or golf cart buggy included?

Baggage assistance is included. For some services (Premium and Eite VIP) an electric buggy kart may also be provided. For full information see How to Book South Africa Fast Track services

Where will I find my meet & assist greeter?

For arrivals they will be waiting with a signboard for you at or near the end of the air-bridge or air corridor (i.e. somewhere between airplane door and the terminal building). Alternatively – if the airline has parked at a remote location and a tarmac bus is used to transfer you from the plane to the terminal – they will wait with a signboard at the entrance to the terminal building where the airline’s bus drops you off.

For departures they will be waiting for you at “kerbside” (meaning at the drop-off zone at the departure terminal level), or – because of the heat – at a special counter or booth just inside the terminal, or in front of the airline’s check in desk. Where you will be met is described in your booking confirmation.

What do I do if I can’t see my meet and assist greeter?

Firstly you should look really carefully, for you name board as sometimes they are easy to miss due to congestion, jet lag, passengers checking their handphone messages as they disembark, or crowded areas where lots of uniformed staff are waiting with name boards. If you really cannot see the greeter then you must all the local emergency number, or use the emergency contact chat link we will have sent you.

Do you offer help to connect between two flights in South Africa?

Yes. A connection may involve a switch between domestic and international terminals and areas, re-checking in landside, or just using the airside transfer desks in the transit area. Connections can be very complicated where different carriers, low cost airlines, different terminal and different flight tickets are involved. They require special review and quotation by our senior booking staff.

Are children permitted? Are there any discounts?

Yes. Children are welcome. There is a 100% discount for infants aged under 24 months. There may also be a discount for children aged 3-12 years, or for “Family Groups”.   If available and relevant they will be offered during the booking process, and mentioned in our website, e-mail description or a quotation.

How do I make a Change or cancel to my booking?

If you already have your booking confirmation you must E-mail us with the Change request as soon as you can. Where we get less than 48 hours notice of a major Change or Cancellation then a percentage of the price paid may be charged. See the Terms and conditions for details. If you do not present yourself to the airport representative, or if you decide not to take a service that has booked, this will be classed as a no-show cancellation and there will be no refund or credit for that service.

Do I need to tell you of every little change to my plans?

No. But major Changes should be advised to us. A Major Change is a change which will affect how, when and where the service you have booked is given. For example a Major Change would be a change in the named “lead” passenger, in the date of service, of the flight number, or a significant change in the kerbside meeting time for a departure, or a request for an additional feature (like a porter, buggy, lounge) or a change to the number of passengers to be served. If in doubt E-mail us.

Are there any other restrictions or rules that might apply?

All Airports have their own airport rules and regulations. These policies who may supersede the local provider’s own operating procedures. Sometimes a temporary security clampdown or similar temporary alert condition may be ordered. Both of these circumstances may effect parts of the usual VIP service we offer, and in such a cases, these are beyond our control.

Also, there are national and local quarantine & health regulations and rules in force due to COVID-19. Permission to enter a country, or to board a flight, and/or the imposition of related quarantine or other restrictions are decided by local border control, by the local health authorities, and/or by the airline.

What about South African Airports & the COVID 19 coronavirus?

Our service helps with a safe and speedy passge through the airport.

To minimize contact, congestion & lines, bypass bottlenecks, and avoid inconvenience, your representative will speed up obtaining visa on arrival, check-in, and passing through security checks, and will escort you through border controls.

To do this, the greeter will use whatever channels, lines, local knowledge and local connections they have to make the passage through immigration that day fast, pleasant and easy.

They will also help you understand issues that might arise with local border control and health officials. They will assist with airline arrangements for excess or missing baggage, flight & terminal transfers, and even access to lounge, business centre or day-room.

Finally, they will coordinate directly with any driver, guide or welcome/send off party to ensure a smooth handover. This avoids the common problem of not being able to find you car or a rep. For arrivals, they are also adept at keeping any local taxi and baggage touts away. And if you have no ground transportation arranged they will help you find a reliable provider and ensure there is no language communications issues over the ride or destination.

The ends these South Africa Airport FAQ. For all other airports in which Fast Track can provide a service see Airports Served

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